UHT Sterilization plant with direct steam injection for the treatment of products intended for aseptic packaging. Freefield UHT Sterilization plant guarantees a minimum impact on the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the treated product and high sterilization efficiency, while ensuring low energy consumption.

Thermosensitive products for UHT sterilization such as vegetable and animal creams, preparations for ice cream, milk and coconut cream, etc.

Steam sterilizer with filling machine as option

Product data

Viscosity <100 cP no fiber (or in very small quantities and sizes)
Type of Exchanger plates
Operating pressure up to 12 bar (standard execution)
Flow rate up to 20000 l/h
Product pH range no pH limit
Product pump centrifugal pump
Final product cooling temperature (minimum) +10° C
Product receiving vertical tank (optional deaeration system, fast stirrer)